Seat Of Power.

Licensed Official Throne Replica from HBO's Game of Thrones

Engineering, Creative, Technology, Production
It's great when your work is appreciated, but even more exciting when it shows up on Parks and Recreation. 

The sudden success of HBO's Game Of Thrones was overwhelming, and a simple idea to create an opportunity to sit in The Iron Throne became the most attended attraction at New York ComicCon, where over 5000 people waited for over 90 minutes to have the experience. 

Working with engineers and artists  in three cities simultaneously, this Iron Throne replica proved so authentic that the saga's author gave his enthusiastic blessing, and fan demand warranted a further partnership from HBO to offer these extremely detailed replicas, manufactured by Traction3d, as high art pieces for public sale.

(We extended this project into a custom pedicab activation, creating mini-thrones offering free rides throughout New York City during the premiere week.)
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